Applying for a digital COVIDCert

You can now apply for your COVID certificate.

The NI COVID certificate is valid for three months from the date of application. Digital certificates will automatically renew a week before they are due to expire.

To apply for a COVIDCert you must:

  • Be fully vaccinated in Northern Ireland
  • Have had your second vaccine dose more than 7 days ago (some countries require you to have been vaccinated more than 14 days ago - check travel advice for the country you are visiting)
  • Ensure your personal information matches your identity documentation (e.g. driving licence or passport)
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Single dose letter

If you have received one of your vaccinations in a different country you may need a letter to prove a single dose was received in Northern Ireland.

You can apply for a letter to show you have received a single COVID vaccination in Northern Ireland, as part of an application, with a different country, for a certificate.

Apply for a single dose letter

Previous applications

If you have applied for a COVID certificate, you can log in to nidirect to view your application status and, if successful, download your certificate.


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